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  • Karin Heuert Galvão

LMS - Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems, also known as LMS (🇧🇷Ambientes Virtuais de Aprendizagem - AVAs), are online softwares that connect users (Students, Teachers, Administrators, Parents, etc.) The LMS can be used inside and outside the typical classroom, allowing the users to organize content and deliver lessons and assignments.

Nowadays, there are several different types of LMSs; however, one of the most famous is Moodle. Moodle was a doctor's degree project designed by Martin Dougiamas.

You might be asking yourself about Google Classroom. Is Google Classroom an LMS? Well, some people say it is; others don’t. The fact that Google Classroom can’t organize the interaction of users in a database, or even the fact that there are only two types of users in the platform (Student & Teacher), can be a difficult question to answer.

🤩The fact is that LMSs are here to stay, and they’ll only get better.

🙋🏻‍♀️Do you use an LMS in your practices?

Which one?

✍🏻Tell me in the comments.

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