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Unveiling the Enchanting Dance: The Shifting Sands of the ELT Realm

The ELT market (boy, oh boy!) has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis! I'm sure you're already aware of that thrilling fact. You see, the clientele and the workforce have taken a wild rollercoaster ride, embracing their transformations. It's just as if we've entered a vortex where demand and the workforce are entirely out of sync, dancing to different beats. What could be causing this captivating disarray, you wonder? Let me unveil a few dazzling factors gracefully woven into this grand tapestry.

First and foremost, let's tip our hats to the f****** economic factors playing their symphony in the background. The ebb and flow of financial tides have sent ripples through the ELT realm, shaping new pathways for learners and educators alike. And oh, the pandemic! A storm of epic proportions that swirled through our lives, leaving a trail of uncertainties in its wake. But fear not, for a phoenix of resilience and adaptability emerges from the ashes of chaos. (If you allow it, of course.)

Now, let's not forget the not-so-fast-adaptable realm of education. Pursuing knowledge has taken on exhilarating dimensions, propelled by the winds of change. Traditional norms are being challenged and replaced by innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies. And nestled within this brave new world are the shimmering dreams of individuals, their personal goals twinkling like stars in the night sky. It sounds like poetry, right? Well, it's not. Educators have never been so overwhelmed by the amount of new apps and software they need to learn about and - obviously - use in class. Schools have never sounded more obsolete, but are they?

After the pandemic, a congregation of private language tutors landed in the ELT market, making hiring a language teacher easier (and sometimes cheaper). Here in Brazil, the increase in the number of self-employed professionals reflects the illusion that working for yourself is the answer. According to Jornal Nacional, a well-known TV news broadcast in Brazil, in the third quarter of 2020, 3.3 million new self-employed professionals entered the market, and this number keeps rising. (Jornal Nacional, November, 3rd, 2021.) Nevertheless, nobody talks about how trained, in the business sense, these professionals are (or not). Interestingly, according to FGV (2022), only 76% of these professionals in Brazil are actually regulated; in other words, they have the proper legal documentation to operate their new businesses.

So there you have it, my friend, a whirlwind tour of the magnetic forces that have reshaped the ELT landscape. It's high time we start taking a peak outside ELT to understand business, how the market is changing, and, of course, embrace the shifting sands and let our spirits soar amidst the captivating dance of demand, workforce, and the unpredictable future.


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