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  • Karin Heuert Galvão

What is Entrepreneurship?

People usually think about money and all the good things that come with it, and this is usually what makes people become entrepreneurs.

Little do they know that Entrepreneurship has to do with something much deeper and much more abstract than that.

When it comes to being an entrepreneur in Education, things get a little bit more complicated. As I said, most people decide to have their own business because they want to make more money. However, they neglect the purpose, the Why. In his book 'Start with Why', Simon Sinek says, "People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it."

On the other hand, some teacherpreneurs take the Why so seriously that they end up forgetting about their wellbeing. They want to change the world so much, that they ed up changing themselves. So when should we draw a line?

The way I see it, Entrepreneurship in Education indeed starts with a bigger Why than most businesses out there; however, your Why should not be bigger than your health.

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